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Our first post on is about a whole house water filter system in Bay Shore Ny that we recently installed.
Whole House Water Filter

Whole house water filters are a basic part of a water treatment system that can filter out particles of all sizes. Depending upon the issues that each home is dealing with, the filter may have to be changed at varied times.
For instance if the water is being used by a home with a swimming pool in the summer, the filter will need to be changed much more frequently than if there is a home with two adults.
Additionally, if your water is prone to other issues like hard water, a filter may be one of the treatment options that you will need to have installed.

In this Bay Shore home, the culprit was a lot of sediments and hard water. So in addition to the water filter, we installed a water softener system.

Why add a whole house water Filter?

The primary reason to install a filter is to have clearer drinking water, but the next would be to insure that all your other appliances that use water remain in working condition(dish washers, clothes washer, hot water heater etc)

So upon having one of these installed, make sure your plumber shows you how to install a new filter, and then add the event to your calendar to replace the filter.

If you don’t have a filter and would like to have us give you a quote, please give us a call.